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Respect, Fairness, Integrity, Sustainability — the values of VA CELL


About VA Cell

VA Cell, Inc is a leading cellular telephone distributor, serving 20,000 customers across 12 nations. Our network spans the western hemisphere while operating primarily in Latin America, and the Caribbean. VA Cell’s dedicated team guides a futuristic vision while successfully generating revolutionary distribution solutions that have innovated the cellphone wholesale space.

VA Cell is a vital link in the value chain for cell phones, creating sales and profitable opportunities for vendors, carriers and resellers through outsourced logistics services, innovative marketing programs featuring aggregation and distribution of product.  VA Cell can also help navigate complex market challenges and local logistics.  Our company, VA Cell, supports global operations by way of an extensive sales/distribution network throughout Latin America.

Our customer’s business growth is priority number one! Our superior logistics operations are managed in our Miami, Florida and deliver more than 500,000 products a year! This impressive physical infrastructure gives us the ability to keep in-demand products and ship them to almost any destination for just-in-time inventory—so you pay less in taxes.  The results? Device manufacturers sell more devices in more markets.  Every day resellers depend on us to aid them in supporting the needs of end users of all sizes in a cost-efficient manner.

VA Cell, Inc, turns retailers’ mobile supply chain into a competitive advantage.  Out innovative, global team of professionals puts our tools and knowledge of the wireless supply chain and logistics to work for you.

VA Cell, Inc is at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, bringing the latest and most fun products and services to market, and finding new ways to bring value to our customers.



It is truly about the people at VA Cell.  We work as one team in delivering outstanding value for our vendor and customer partners, and we are committed to their success.  Our collective team spirit, enthusiasm, innovation and energy serve as the basis for what makes us so successful.



VA Cell have enjoys a reputation of standing for credibility, stability and fairness in all things.



We say what we do and we do what we say. We consistently produce results that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers. We accept our individual and team responsibilities to meet our commitments.



We constantly look for better ways to deliver value to our customers, share owners, suppliers and fellow associates. We anticipate change and create the solutions before we are asked to.



We require our employees to demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action that they take, everywhere, all the time…it means we abide by the highest ethical standards. This is one of the requirements for employees to succeed in our organization.



We honor the rights and beliefs of our fellow associates, partners and community. We treat others with the highest degree of dignity, equality and trust, leveraging diversity to meet our common goals. As a team, we deliver more than as individuals.



We actively pursue opportunities to balance our financial, social and environmental responsibilities to achieve positive results for our stakeholders.  We at VA Cell are committed to collaboration, transparency and innovation.



We operate our business for the long term. For the environment, for our stakeholders and for our partners and customers.



Technology improves and changes every day. We at VA Cell continually acquire new knowledge to improve performance and enable growth for the company and for ourselves.



  • Language
  • Operating settings
  • Custom packaging



  • In depth knowledge of product, technology and features
  • Wide range of new, OEM products
  • Specialize in new GSM phones
  • Extended market research
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Large quantity available with same-day shipping available for most products



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